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Danny Mosher.

A native Chicagoan living in Nevada and a graduate of Columbia College.

About Me

The scope of my professional career has a pronounced through line: a drive to give only the very best customer service experience. Every position I’ve held has required a strong focus on building trust with customers, listening closely to ascertain their needs, and then delivering a product or service that exceeds their expectations. In order to accomplish these tasks, I always focus on what is best for my clients, always tell the truth about the process, and always, always deliver on my promises.


Above all, I am a problem solver. I seek innovative ways to meet complex challenges. I have a long history of creating supportive environments for both my customers and my team. I’m an enthusiastic mentor for colleagues and clients alike, always eager to help others meet their goals. I have excellent verbal and written communication skills and am proficient in Microsoft Office applications, especially Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I also have extensive experience employing project management and process improvement methodologies to ensure the efficiency of any operation.

Danny Mosher provides writing, marketing, and creative project management expertise. He also specializes in training and device set-up for inexperienced users of home technology such as computers, smart TVs, smart phones, tablets, streaming services.

For details about my current or past projects, please click or tap on the GREEN headers below.


I have produced web and print content for several companies. Key clients include Solera at Anthem Community Association, JT Media, and Geode Press.


I’ve developed television pilots and pitch decks for Geode Press and am creating several other screenplays.
– Film: The King and the Beauty Queen; Juice: The Car Bombing of Bill Coulthard; and a film adaptation of my stage play, Billy
– Television: The Johnny; The World of Quan-yu and Cosmo; My Red Sky; The Phillip Traynor Show; Zenobia: Birth of a Legend


I have had two plays produced in Chicago and have several more in the works.


I am the founder of Bathos Publications, and as editor-in-chief produced its flagship publication, Bathos Journal, an annual showcase for experimental poetry. My poetry has been featured in other anthologies as well: Graffiti Rag, Mike and Dale’s Younger Poets, B City, Columbia Poetry Review, and Spoon River Poetry Review.

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