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Notable Clients:


Solera at Anthem

Geode Press

JT Media
Rothenberger, USA

Management, Design, Content.

I consult with clients to help them accomplish their goals in a variety of operational or creative business enterprise functions. For some, that means designing and executing a complex project plan for process management or a marketing campaign. For others, it requires creating engaging original written content, such as advertising copy or Web articles that maximize a Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Notable Clients:


Solera at Anthem Community Association: (2021–Present) I provide production services as well as written articles for the Community Association magazine, Solera Star. I also manage the design, promotion, and maintenance of the Association Website,


Geode Press: (2019–2020) I contributed both writing and project management to this Nevada-based publisher of historical fiction. The assignment began with writing original Web content to drive online traffic to the company’s sales page. I then spent a year creating a pilot screenplay and series bible for a television show based on an idea of the company’s founder. The show is set variably in Occupied Paris, Weimar Germany, the 1970s French Riviera, and New York City in the 1980s.


JT Media: (2019) I provided a combination of project management, writing, and editing for this Nevada-based public relations consultancy. I worked directly with a number of the company’s existing clients, writing original search-engine-optimized Web content, copyediting existing advertising and marketing content, and devising project plans for marketing and promotional product development.


Rothenberger USA: (2016–2017) I managed a variety of projects for the United States division of this German-based plumbing tools manufacturer including the liquidation of $1M+ of overstock inventory and the reconfiguration of a manufacturing and warehousing facility. The projects required that I procure the services of vendors to provide everything from environmental clean-up to industrial equipment auctions. I created a process for secondary market sales that allowed those activities to interact simply and seamlessly with existing operations processes. I provided regular schedule, sales, and scope change reports to the senior finance and operations officers using a combination of Microsoft Project, Excel, and Visio. All inventory updates and sales transactions were made using the companyʼs in-house management software, ShopWorX ERP.




In the face of ever-diminishing resources and unholy deadlines, Dan Mosher could be counted on not only to find a way to make the improbable happen but to do so with a smile. His enthusiasm was almost as inspiring as his uncanny ability to find solutions to problems that threatened to delay or completely derail projects. Dan’s understanding of technical production and printing issues is an invaluable asset and he is an absolute joy to work with.


Meredith Balderston
Content Strategist | Editorial Product Owner | Project Manager

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Dan Mosher for the past 18 months as a vendor and he as my client. Dan looks at the task, process or request and is able to provide you with a solution as well as considering other scenarios that could arise. His big picture perspective allows all of us to make better decisions after his input. I consider Dan one of my life coaches and now seek his advice on internal processes. I enjoy working/collaborating with Dan and I look forward to many years of partnerships. Partnership is the way he deals with us even if we are a vendor to his company. His approach is professional and empowering to me and our team.

Juan Urzua
Senior Director at Aptara

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