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TV and film projects.

I consult with clients to help them accomplish their goals in a variety of operational or creative business enterprise functions. For some, that means creating specialized content, such as scripts for TV or radio commercial spots or even entire screenplays for television or film.

My background in creating engaging visual content provides a fresh perspective on business communications, writing, marketing, or management.


My Red Sky
Historical Fiction: A genre-bending family saga, time-warping the entire Twentieth Century

The Johnny
Sitcom: Set in 1987, the staff of a Chicago public health clinic copes with the onset of the AIDS crisis

The World Of Quan-yu And Cosmo
Animated Kids’ Show: The adventures of 8-year-old Quan-Yu, who uses her imagination to travel all over the world with her best friend, a cocker spaniel named Cosmo

The Phillip Traynor Show (working title; a spin-off of All in the Family and Maude)
Sitcom: When Carol Traynor moves in with her son Phillip, a writer, and his Psychiatrist husband Edward, Phil must learn to be the emotional center of his extended family.


The King and the Beauty Queen
True Crime: Dana Mackay, an Elvis Presley impersonator, and Mary Huffman, a former Mrs. Nevada, were discovered shot to death in their home on October 30, 1993, by LVMPD patrol officers. This is a grubby story involving adultery, narcotics dealing, shady business deals, and a future mayor of Las Vegas.

Juice: The Car Bombing of Bill Coulthard
True Crime: On a blisteringly hot Las Vegas summer day in 1972, George William “Bill” Coulthard, General Counsel for the Bank of Nevada, died when four sticks of dynamite someone had affixed beneath his Cadillac’s dashboard detonated. The murder leads investigators to shady land deals, corrupt city officials, and ultimately to Vegas royalty, Benny Binion.

Adaptation of my stage play, Billy


More to come on this page. Meanwhile, if you’d like more information on any of these projects, please contact me using the link in the upper right corner.

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